Fertilization a kamchatka berry

Since the Kamchatka berry is relatively new to the Polish market, it is still rather difficult to speak about the best tested way to fertilize this plant. There has naturally already been some testing which has shown what the possible requirements might be, but there is still lack of solid, reliable information regarding the fertilizing of this plant. All the doubts will most likely soon be clarified with more data coming in within the next several years. Until then, one should mostly rely on intuition and the advice from growers who already have some experience with the Kamchatka berry.

What does the Kamchatka berry need and how to fertilize it? 

Contrary to the popular belief, the Kamchatka berry is actually quite demanding when it comes to supplementation with nutritional elements. It does best with liquid fertilizers, so that includes fertigation.  Despite the fact, it is worth trying out powder fertilizers in early spring, since that will replenish the soil with nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium.

Time periods when fertilizing is recommended, in stages:

• early spring • pre florescence • the beginning of florescence • fruit growth • fruit ripening • after harvest

• end of season

At each of these stages, it is recommended to use a fertilizer with different components, to aid to the development of your plants. Be careful not to overfertilize the soil as that may in turn reduce the natural levels of mineral components present in the soil, which will hinder the growth and the overall condition of your plants. The pH of the soil is equally important- if it is too low or too high- the mineral elements will not be able to reach the plants.