Boost your health and immune system

In todayʼs world, we all live fast and oftentimes we simply forget to eat healthy and donʼt even think about what is on the plate in front of us. And that is a major mistake.

It is crucial to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables into our daily diet- it is the only way to keep our bodies healthy and strong. A balanced diet is full of vitamins, essential for our immune system to fight infections or even the daily fatigue. One of the most important super foods is the North American highbush blueberry. Why exactly is this fruit so special?

Health benefits

It is easy to guess that when it comes to dark- colored fruit, all the hype is mainly because of the immense amounts of antioxidants.

Antioxidants fight free radicals which if not neutralized, may cause cancer. This delicious, sweet tasting fruit contains high doses of flavonoids which improve your memory and focus- which as we know, is something any professional could benefit from. Flavonoids, or to be more precise: anthocyanins, lower the blood pressure so they can definitely help with hypertension preventive measures. Furthermore, the North American blueberry can boost your eyesight and aid to the digestive tract- all that thanks to its antibacterial properties.

Technically, eating bluberries at least once a week might already be sufficient, and one could see the positive results already after several weeks. So if you decide to incorporate blueberries into your diet on a regular basis, you will not only strenghten your immune system but you will also get that heathy glow, clearly visible from the first glance.

The North American highbush blueberry: sales of the fresh fruit

The highbush blueberry is widely available in Poland. It is worth noting, however, that it is essential to be sure of your source. The following variations are available on sale at our farm: Duke, Bluecrop and Chandler.

These crops bear fruit sequentially allowing a spread of produce with no downtime.

What do the sales of the fresh fruit look like?

When we decided to sell fresh fruit only, we had to follow a specific course of action that would assure its constant availability.

Which is precisely the reason why we implemented crop cultivation with

sequential fructification in mind. That gives us the opportunity for constant harvest. The consumers on the other hand have uninterrupted access to fresh fruit.

The fruit is harvested and placed into containers: 3 kg, 125 g, 250 g or 500g. It will then be transported to a cold storage room. Once in the cold room, within an hour the fruit will be chilled and afterwards stored in the optimal temperature of 5- 7C. All the qualities of the fruit will be preserved for a long time; from the moment of harvest to the warehouse.

We sell our fruit not only across Poland but also abroad. We can guarantee you that all our products meet the quality requirements of the European Union and they look and taste just great. The crop variants we cultivate have been carefully selected; they are frost- and disease- resistant, and will grow and bear fruit abundantly so that we can offer the best quality possible to our consumers. We are members of an association of berry growers which gives us an opportunity to harvest on 90 hectares (over 200 acres) from June until October.