Nutrition facts of the redcurrant


This tiny, slightly tart fruit brings back childhood memories to many of us, especially in Poland. Perhaps you remember that picking the fruit was troublesome, the taste felt like nothing special but it was still fun and a part of your childhood? Today, the redcurrant has been welcomed back as one of the superfoods. The awareness has never been greater  and people are starting to learn that nature really does offer us everything we need. 

Nutrition facts of the redcurrant

Letʼs just start by saying that the redcurrant is literally packed with vitamin C- which strengthens your capillaries and boosts the immune system. Vitamins A and B can also been found in the redcurrant, as well as all the essential minerals: iron, calcium, magnesium, but also manganese, iodine and boron. Another precious component are tannins (or: tannoids), which have antibacterials and antiseptic properties so are especially beneficial for you skin. You donʼt have to just eat the redcurrant. Crush it and mix it in your face mask for an extra effect! 

How to participate in the “Time for Polish Superfoods” campaign?

There is a campaign happening in Poland at the moment, called “Time Polish 

Superfoods”- our farm is one of the participants. Thanks to this campaign, we are able to promote Polish berry fruit in the best way possible- thanks to informative articles, videos and events. The campaign gives us a chance to educate consumers about health benefits of berry fruit. We want everyone to know: berries are not just delicious, they are also healthy thanks to a number of precious components, including the sought after anthocyanins. Furthermore, the campaign is promoting Polish farms as the best source, as well as the so- called seasonal eating.

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