A family tradition since 1956

Stefan Krupiński began his own horticulture production already in the 1950s; he created his own plant nursery after years of practice and learning from a renowned Polish grower: Leon Bobiński, who shared with him all of his vast knowledge and his passion for plants. For the next twenty years, Stefan had mainly been focused on growing apple trees, pear, cherry and black cherry tress, as well as peach and plum trees. Next to the plant nursery, a multi- fruit mother orchard had been created.

At the end of the 1970s, Stefan Krupiński widened the selection by adding fruit bushes to the production. Thanks to the help of his sons: Krzysztof, Ireneusz and Tadeusz, the orchard kept growing and the business- developing, while being constantly readjusted to the current market trends. At the end of the 1980s, thanks to favorable market conditions, over half a million blackcurrant seedlings were being produced annually at our nursery.

During the period of 2000 to 2010, we were growing blackcurrants on a 40 hectare plantation (close to 100 acres). But it was the apple trees that dominated the entire production. In recent years, we have shifted our focus to growing berries: the North American high bush blueberry and the Kamchatka berry, also known as the blue honeysuckle or the Kamchatka honeysuckle. Andrzej Krupinski- Ireneuszʼs son, followed in his fatherʼs and grandfatherʼs footsteps, by taking over the plantation and thus becoming a dedicated, third- generation fruit grower.

Seedlings for sale

The European market is especially demanding so in order to stay ahead of our competition, we are constantly perfecting the production methods at our plantation.

Thanks to implementing new solutions, our nursery produces high quality seedling rootstock. The seedlings are mainly sold in Poland but also in Germany, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Slovakia, Hungary and in Georgia.


We are members of the berry growers association and we do our best to participate in annual European fairs for fruit growers. We also advise on all things orchard- related: from how to establish a plantation to how to maintain the production. We offer our advisory services in Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Georgia.

Fruit of the highest quality

At our plantation, we grow only carefully selected fruit varieties- with local weather and atmospheric conditions in mind.

The right choice is extremely important and should be the first step when planning to build a plantation; the plants need to be the right fit for the climate, soil and the surrounding. Careful planning will later on bear the fruits- in quite literal sense. The result will be a quick and dynamic growth of the seedlings.  

Additionally, much attention needs to be paid to the right market positioning: we see our produce mainly abroad, only the minority is sold on the local market.