The Haskap berry: introduction

The Haskap berry, also known as the Haskap honeysuckle is relatively new to the Polish market, but it is well know in other parts of the world. The fact that this fruit is becoming more popular in Poland is owed to the increasing number of plantations, and that is really great news. Thanks to the impressive amount of vitamins and minerals this fruit is packed with, one should only hope that it will soon become a household name.

The impact of the Haskap fruit on the body

The consumption of the Haskap berry is highly beneficial- that is an indisputable fact. This fruit is packed with antioxidants, helping you to keep diabetes at bay, and protecting you from any potential diseases of the circulatory system. This berry will fight free radicals for you – and that is a mighty protection from cancer. But that is not all! The Haskap berry is armed with high doses of vitamin C, B vitamins as well as magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and calcium. These microelements  boost the immune system and the best way to pump them into our bodies is by eating fruit.

Polyphenols present in Haskap berries are equally important- they have an anti oxidizing effect. That means that they have an ability to block or prevent diseases from forming as a result of the oxidative stress. To put it simply: as it has been mentioned earlier on, the polyphenols fight large quantities of free radicals. Eating this fruit will help you lower your blood pressure, aid digestion, lower your risk of atherosclerosis, diabetes and obesity. This plant has also some antiseptic, antibacterial and antiviral properties. 

Regular consumption of Haskap berries will give you many health benefits and can impact your body greatly in a number of positive ways- that is a fact. You body will be stronger once you fuel it with all the minerals and vitamins present in this berry.

Fresh fruit sales

The production of the Haskap berry has been increasing with each passing year. The consumers can now choose from an array of many new plant varieties, all tempting with their unusual look, great taste and aroma. This fruit is truly different and just so original- which is why it has been gaining popularity. The fans of this fruit know very well that this fruit is not only visually appealing and tasty, but it is also packed with vitamins.

What type of fruit do we sell?

A 5 hectare/ 10 acre farm is home to our Haskap berry bushes. Needless to say, we are able to provide our clients with significant amounts of fruit. Some of the types that we cultivate are the following: Aurora- represents a distinctive taste, Honeybee- especially juicy, Indigo Gem- tiny but mighty sweet. Zojka and Wojtek- these originate from Poland and are especially popular thanks to their slightly tart taste.

Our berries are both hand- and mechanically- picked, depending on the variety. If we decide to use fruit harvesting machines, the berries are stored in large plastic containers. If we pick the fruit by hand, they will be places in boxes of 125g, 250g and 500g. Once the fruit has been picked, it will be stored in  cold- storage space, with the temperature of 6C which is the best storing temperature for fruit. We sell fruit of only the best quality, without any visible imperfections. Top quality is our priority, which is especially important when growing such special fruit with so many health benefits.

Frozen fruit sales

The Kachatka berry season is unfortunately not year- round, but many clients would like to enjoy their favorite fruit whenever they feel like it, even when it is no longer available fresh. Not everyone is a fan of jams or canned fruit. Which is when frozen fruit comes in handy. The source of frozen fruit is just as important as when you buy fresh fruit. 

Only those berries that are coming from best plantations will be secured enough that when we defrost our supplies, the fruit will be as tasty and aromatic as if bought fresh.

What are the sales of frozen fruit like?

Since certain plant varieties bear fruit in abundance- and as we have mentioned- our farm is over 10 acres- we have a leverage and are able to pick the fruit for future sales in a frozen form. Zojka and Wojtek berries are fantastic varieties for the frozen fruit production. But these are only some of our options. We cultivate other varieties, such as: Aurora, Honeybee and Indigo Gem- all of these have been increasing  in popularity in recent years. All of them are excellent- both as fresh and frozen fruit- and their sales keep on increasing.

The fruit meant for freezing ends up in 25 kg sacks. Once the berries are harvested by a combine, they will be chilled and afterwards frozen in the most optimal conditions- to preserve all of their qualities. Our frozen berries will keep all of their taste, the look and the health benefits.

Nothing is getting in your way to make sure you always have some delicious berries at hand, year round! We are proud members of the Polish Association of Haskap Berry Growers.