Professional advisory

We have been running our farm for a very long time now, and our experience is truly multi- generational. Thanks to those decades of hard work, we can proudly call ourselves real professionals. Year by year, we keep perfecting- what we call-yes!- our craft, learning about our plants and discovering secrets to their well- being.

Currently, we are mainly focused on cultivating the North American blueberry. We are however equally concentrated on other berry crops. Every variety needs an individually crafted approach- it is the only way to offer to our clients the best from the best, whether in form of a seedling or of ripe fruit.

We are happy to help you!

We are all about growing and selling high quality plants- true. But our farm is much more than that! Every year we participate in conferences so that we can deepen our expertise even further. That translates into even better crops. We have partnered with a number of plantations in Poland, Slovakia, Lithuania, Latvia, Hungary, Switzerland, Germany and Georgia- so that we can all share novelties freely and support each other in the process of building, growing and protecting our plantations.

We would be happy to help and advice you on how to establish and maintain a plantation. Our ever- expanding know- how has grown out of years of learning, practice and real- life experience. We are confident in our knowledge and abilities. Sharing our expertise by supporting other farms gives us a chance to grow too!

We are offering you a mutually beneficial cooperation through a healthy business partnership. Not only will we help you select the right plant variaties, but we will also teach you how to prepare the soil for each type. The right care for your plants is as important as starting the plantation business itself- we have a lot to say about pretty much any plant under the sun! The crop yield will differ depending on each type and the process itself will vary as well.

We know better than anyone in this business, what type of soil is suitable for the North American blueberry- certain requirements simply need to be met- otherwise there will be no fruit. Simple as that- period. The same is true in case of other berry fruit types: the Kamchatka berry, red currrant, blackberry, juneberry. Their requirements are however a bit less strict than in case of the North American blueberry. It is important to keep in mind that each plant needs individual treatment and just the right approach. At the same time, it is important to choose the right plant variation. At this stage, it is crucial to have an access to professional advice. It is a critical point and the right choice has actually the power to decide on the faith of your plantation. This is also when you decide about the details of your business: will you be catering to preserve manufacturers, will you be selling fresh fruit or will it be a mixed use plantation? The method of growing your plants depends from the future use of the fruit.

Once you make the decision, you will need a detailed program on how to care for your plants: trimming, fertilization, pesticide use, protection from birds and diseases, etc.

Without the know- how and experience, it is very difficult to make such crucial decisions. Especially at the beginning, it is really worth consulting an experienced professional.

Today, starting out as a farmer is not an easy task and it can get really tough during the first few years. Which is precisely why we are offering you our expertise, something more than help or a consultation- something that we dare to call priceless. Do not hesitate any longer and please do get in touch with us!