Why is the Haskap berry worthy of your attention?

The number of dark fruit plantations in Poland has been growing steadily for the last few years. Dark fruits are an especially great source of vitamins and minerals. Just look around- you will quickly notice that all sorts of berries are easily available at many grocery stores. It is worth asking for the Haskap berries- they look and taste unlike any other berry and when it comes to popularity- this interesting looking fruit is just behind the well known North American blueberry.

So what is so special about this fruit?

When it comes to the Haskap berry, the most important part is its unusual taste. Trust us- once you try it- you will buy it again. The taste of the Haskap berry, sometimes called the Haskap honeysuckle, is like nothing you have ever tried before. It tastes like a combination of tart rhubarb, a raspberry and a sweet wild blueberry. And what does it look like? The dark purple peel, an elongated shape, a juicy pulp that is reddish or purple in color… sounds good, doesnʼt it? Well, it tastes even better!

And donʼt forget about the health benefits! The North American highbush blueberry is still the number one hero- yes, that is correct. But the Haskap berry is right behind, a real cocktail of vitamins: A, C, E and of course packed with anthocyanins, working overtime to help your body rid of those harmful free radicals. If that is not enough for you, this little humble fruit is an excellent source of flavonoids, polyphenols, magnesium, potassium and fiber. It eliminates inflammation in the body, improves eyesight and strengthens the cardiovascular system. 

What are the objectives of the “Time for Polish Superfoods” campaign?”

We are not just about running our farm- we are truly passionate about plants and growing berry fruit. We love what we do and we want to spread the word! Our aim is to educate the consumers and prove that one does not need to look too far to find that daily dose of vitamins and minerals. We are a part of the campaign called: Time for Polish Superfoods- the campaignʼs objective is to of course boost the sales of the Polish berry fruit and berry products, but also to raise awareness about antioxidants. High- quality, easily absorbed antioxidants are mainly found precisely in dark color fruits, which is why berries are the real source of health.

Thanks to the media activity, the campaign can actually promote farms getting ready for the peak season. This year, the main focus will be on strawberries, later on in March- the main star will be the North American blueberry. The campaign is the living proof that all you need is to want something, be willing to work hard, have your family engaged, and the results can be beautiful, turning plantations into highly productive business.