The north american highbush blueberry

We are all slowly but surely, finally moving towards healthier, more conscious way of eating. Another belief that has been on the rise is the preconception that everything we need can be found in nature. And that is of course true! Letʼs begin by discussing fruit- the dark fruit, preferably!

Why is the North American blueberry worthy of your attention?

Bluberry plantations are on the rise- every year the demand increases steadily. Consumers are more and more likely to drop that little box of berries into their shopping cart. Why is it so? That is because people are finally realizing that berries are not just delicious but also incredibly healthy and full of vitamins.

A regular consumption of berries is incomperably more beneficial and effective than the use of pharmaceutical supplements. Bluberry juice, blueberry jams and other preserves are available practically everywhere. Letʼs discuss: what do we gain by eating berries? First of all, blueberries are packed with anthocyanins which may aid to preventing all forms of cancers from forming. Additionally, they have an ability to strengthen your circulatory system, lower cholesterol, improve your sight, help your liver regenerate, improve your memory and focus… and if that wasnʼt enough, blueberries can also soothe your nerves and slow down the aging process. All that goodness is a result of high levels of precious vitamins found in blueberries and on top of that, the human body absorbs them from this particular fruit really well. Some of the most important components found in blueberries are: vitamins A, B, C, E and PP as well those famous anthocyanins we have already mentioned. The North American blueberry also boasts an impressive array of minerals: zinc, iron, calcium, magnesium, selenium, potassium and copper. Need we say more?

The “Time For Polish Superfoods” Campaign

Our farm is an active participant of a very special campaign, in which seven leading industry organizations have been involved. The main focus of the campaign is to raise awareness among fruit growers and consumers, about how important it is to impncorporate eating fresh dark fruit into our daily diets. Dark fruits are an excellent source of anthocyanins which are very important to our health and wellbeing. The campaign is also meant to support the local market which is- not many know- literally bursting at seams when it comes to the berry fruit grown.

The organizers of the campaign have been trying to reach the public through their website: www. The website is full of informative articles about the health benefits of the berry fruits. This is also where farm owners can download photographs (free of charge) which could significantly improve the look of their websites. The campaign also launched a fanpage on Facebook:- only in 2019, it reached over 2.5 million people. Thanks to the website, you can sign up for a newsletter and receive some interesting information about berries and the industry everyday.

We genuinely want to educate our consumers and prove to them every year, that Polish fruit is healthy, delicious and should become a household staple.